Thursday, November 02, 2006

Birthday Celebration For Jimmy

Jimmy's birthday falls on 4th Nov but since we are not working on thurs and fri (long weekend holiday) so we have an early celebration for him today during lunch time. We had a long table at our usual lunch place, Taberna Restaurant and Zeon start counting the number of colleagues attended 1, 2, 3 ........ 21 and 22. Normally we pay ourselves even through to celebrate for one's birthday (this is one of the local culture in Brazil), but today, Jimmy gave us a good treat.

Of course it is always nice to have a birthday cake and gift for the celebration, so we all shared to buy one T-shirt and birthday cake in the afternoon to extend the joy of his birthday. Right, I almost forget that before we went for the lunch, one of our colleagues asked Zeon and I how old is Jimmy. Hmmmm, age is just a number as long as we are young at heart, so I can tell you that Jimmy is forever at his 30s (fun-loving but mature at his heart). I believe Jimmy enjoyed a lot today, after all, it is always great to have so many people celebrating for our birthday.

Talking about birthday, mine is coming soon (actually another 2 mths away) and I wish to have a great birthday here so I am planning to have a party at the only Hard Rock Cafe in Brazil. Still planning and hope this dream come true!

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