Thursday, December 14, 2006

Currently at Lima, Peru

Hi my dear friend,

Just a quick update before leaving the hotel to Cusco.

Currently I am at Lima, the capital of Peru. Its a nice and neat city, but the traffic seems to be almost the same as in Rio. We met one of the tourists from Canada, said he will definitely have a big problem if to drive in the road if no marking at all. He looked so worried when looking at the traffic and the way the local drove during our city tour trip.

I love the weather here, but somehow (I dunno when and how) I got tanned......

A lot more to tell you about Lima, but I got to rush to take the flight to Cusco now............... will update you once have the internet for photo, have to wait till I am back from holiday.


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zeezee said...

Hehe.. dun worry abt the tan.. take more pixs ya!!