Friday, December 15, 2006


Breakfast at hotel (We did not enjoy any of our breakfast throughout the whole trip), then set off to airport, flying to Cusco. Accordingly to Christopher, one guy from USA where we met him at Cusco, he took 20 hrs by coach from Lima to Cusco. It took us one hour to reach by air but we have to pay USD6.05 for the airport tax.
11.30am - We reach Cusco and went straight to Picoago Hotel for a break. We realised our voucher given by Lima side did not include our 'City Tour' for Cusco, which suppose to have. Waited quite a while for the tour agent to clarify and luckily found out the 'mistake', else we would have missed a lot of fun as Cusco is different from the normal city.The altitude of Cusco is high and it is norm for tourist when suffer from altitude sickness as it need to take some time to get use to the altitude. That's why they strongly recommend us to drink their local tea, Coca Tea at least few cups a day. It is good for blood circulation and cooling down our body heat. I can feel the difference before and after drinking it.
We visited Circuito Religioso Cusco Basilica Cathedral, Qorikancha and the historic Peru - Saqsaywawan (Sound like Sexy Woman - which made me keep thinking is there a place where all sexy women living???), included O'enqo, Pukapukara and Tambomachay. The trip was so rush, made me so tire (Aiyo, I feel so old....) and dizzy cos of the altitude but I am very happy and keep taking lots of PHOTOS. Anyway with Jen, you can't have the chance not to take photo.
After the running here and there, we were back to the Main Square close to 7pm. Hungily we went dinner with Christopher at one of the restaurants. Thanks God! They do serve Vegetarian meal as the tour guide mentioned that it is now common in Cusco. It was very reasonable price, S/15.00 (S$7.00) for Lawa de maiz (soup of corn), Burrito de Verduras (Main Course) and Jugo Mixto (Juice). After good dinner, shopping time. We got ourselves some sweaters, T-shirts and sournoirs.
Back to hotel, zzzzzzzzzzzz after quick shower. We need to wake up at 4.00am to catch train at 6am to Macchu Picchu.

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