Saturday, December 16, 2006

Peru - Machu Picchu

Having able to travel to this "Lost City of Incas", it really made my whole travelling the most enjoyable one.

In order to catch the 6am train to Machu Picchu from Cusco, we woke up at 4.30am and had our very early breakfast at 5am (I believe this is the earliest breakfast ever served in the hotel) and got into the bus at 5.30am. The train journey was 3 hours and I thought to have a nap but ended up I am too excited to feel tire.

We reach there at 9am, took a 25 mins bus up to the 2,430 mtrs mountain high from the ground. Its began to rain when we were about to began our tour, but luckily it stopped (maybe just for us) after a while and we began to went crazy taking picture here and there. Another lucky thing was, we were the only two tourists for this tour group, so we can took photos more freely without worry someone else is waiting for us. It is really very beautiful, especially the cloud move in after the short rain. Hey, before I forget, we even got a stamp of Machu Picchu on our passport. Thanks to our tour guide who told us to get one cos not everyone knows about this. So for whoever is going there, pls remember to get one. For good memory, at least.
When we were about to finish our trip, the rain start again (Thanks God). We had our buffet lunch before heading back to the train station and took the ride back at 3.30pm.
P.S, there is one artist who stand right in front of our hotel selling his painting. I told him on the very 1st day of our arrival that I will have a look at his painting tomorrow and tomorrow. He reminds me everyday since then, so I brought one painting of Machu Picchu from him, Jose at USD 20.00

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