Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Improvement????

Photo courtesy of Land Transport Authority

I went to Bishan this evening to meet my old friend and saw construction going on around the MRT station. Then I realized that I had completely forgotten about this CCL (Circle Line) project still going on, which expected to complete by Year 2010. I had almost forgotten about the accident of Nicoll Highway Collapse happened on April 2004. I almost forget that we are changing every minute at the changing environment, no matter where we are.

Looking at the map, I believe our lifestyle will be different again (at least on our transportation) in another 3 years time. Hope we can still coping well with the surrounding changes.


Cool Insider said...

Man.... you HAVE been away from a long time it seems. Singapore is one city where there is constant and non stop developments going on around the clock.

BTW, I have added a link to your blog in the spirit of reciprocity. Keep contributing your cool comments!

Pauline said...

Or perhaps I just went to a country which nothing much is in progress :P

Sure, you too! Love to read yr blog.

Jason Ho said...

fwah..I am soooo looking forward to the circle line thing...so come 2010, I dun have to take a bus to the MRT, just come out from home and BAM!!..circle line..:)

of course that is if my parents have not successfully gotten rid of me by then...we'll see..