Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Scrapbooking For Your Photo

My colleague, Julie introduced this Scrapbooking idea when we were talking about how we should display our developed photos nicely. Found it Interesting and curious (Hmmm, have I been out of this world for long time????) I drop by this shop called MADE WITH LOVE at Plaza Singapura last evening to have a better picture (too bad we can’t take photo in any shop here).

Immediately, I fall in love with all those tiny little accessories and papers (raw material) to do the scrapbook. They have variety choices from US and of course, they are not cheap too. Loving them is one thing; it really needs time and effort to do your own scrapbook, that’s why it’s called Made with Love. You may sign up their course if you are at lost to begin (like me).

Too bad I have no time to do this little favorite thing now.


Jason Ho said...

if you are interested, I think there are some courses for scrapbooking (if there is such a word)...got a friend who just completed that course

Jason Ho said...

opps..alrightee...seem that I just browse through your entry and didn't see that finaly portion on scrapbooking course..my bad my bad... :P

Pauline said...

Well I am still interested (in fact I always love Art&Craft stuff) just too bad the time is not right for me to do this.

Hmmm maybe I should plan early retirement and do all those stuffs which always wanted to do for so long.......... or re-schedule my time :p

zeezee said...

Erb.. speaking of dat, i still hv a pile of uncategorized phtotos at home =P.
seems like a total fun, but this doesnt really suits me, i dun hv the patience. Nice to look at thou. Dun hv time u noe... i doubt i will blog that often even when i m back to SG.

Pauline said...

Life is too busy now and I am still thinking how to create one beautiful album for selected photos taken in Brazil :p