Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Talk About Brasil in Singapore

My Ex-Brasilian colleague is in town for his work assignment. Luiz was here two months ago but too bad I wasn't back yet. Good thing he is back again and we managed to have dinner this round.

We talked about those old days in Brasil and his little boy, Eric too. Showing me his recent boy photo, wow, already grew so tall. I remembered it was only not long ago that I carried and played with him during the boat ride.

Luiz said I should feel proud of my country cos Singapore is a beautiful, clean and safe country. I always agree with that! But we shall all continue to play our role and part to let all these remains.


eastcoastlife said...

Hi Pauline!
hoho... first time visit to your blog. And discovered a few things.

You are a vegetarian.

Zeon is your colleague!

You worked in Brazil!


Pauline said...

Hi ECL, a big big hug for you cos you get all correct.

More info added:
I am vegetarian for 10 over years.
Zeon is sitting next to me.
I returned two mths ago for my 2yrs secondment in Brazil.