Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Never Did I Expect

Standing in front of the multi-purpose functions photocopy machine at Engineering Dept, I was waiting for the print out drawing which were sent out from Autocad2006. Then out of sudden, I began to smile to myself as I had never expect that one day I will be working (or attaching in this case) in Engineering Dept. Going through their process of work scope and 'figuring' the Autocad etc.

Then I start to look back at my life and realised, life is indeed a learning curve as there were so many unexpected things happened. "It is not the result that matters but the process that made you grown", always people said so which this is nothing but the true. At least, all the unexpectation had made me a little grown up adult (hmmm, I know I am no longer young, hee hee).

So, looking back that ............
Never did I expect I will have the chance to go to Brasil (wow, really so far away from home) for 2 years assignment, to make so many friends and travel around.
Never did I expect I will be working in this Marine Industry which really explored my world wider and still exploring.
Never did I expect I will change my career from admin assistant to buyer. A good turning point for me.
Never did I expect I will work in a book store, but hey, I love to read sometime, but mostly magazine, hee hee.
Never did I expect I will work in Hotel industry as part time chamber maid (to help my sister's cleaning service company at that time) when I was still schooling. There is when I began to become more mature.
..........too manys never did I expect.
But life is good to me after all, thanks God!

So did your "Never did I expect" make a better world to you too?


dawn said...

i agree.. life has too many surprises. and it also depends on the person, if they embrace what is coming to them or just reject and wants to follow their planned course of life.
my life has been full of turns as well, and i am glad to have them cos else i would not have made a friend like you.
let's just keep our eyes and heart open for more chances coming.
All the best to us, to our lives!

Pauline said...

Yes, let our 'open' heart make our life happier and beautiful each day.

Cool Insider said...

I think life sometimes throw us full of surprises, both positive and negative ones. While we usually hate the bad experiences, those may make us stronger and wiser for it. I like your attitude to life and sometimes I wish I can also learn to let go more.

Jason Ho said...

I agree with brudder Walter man..

You should count yourself fortunate that you had that many experiences..I know many that don't..and erm..I am one of them..keke :p

Pauline said...

Walter, come to think about it. Life will be a bit bore if everything goes too smoothly. Of cos, no one like to have bad thing happen but without all these 'tests', how do we know how positive are we. Right?

Pauline said...

Jason, I am a lucky girl. At least I always have family and friends with me, whenever I need them. Cheers!