Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mint Museum Of Toys

I have been wanted to go this place since long time. Today, I happened to be at City Hall area so I get special friend to go with me.

So happen that today is the last day for the Musuems Alive, we still stand the opportunity to have 1-for-1 admission.

The museum show a world class collection of toys that bring us back some of our memories, and we might have not see most of the toys too. Today is a good journey for me at this five-storey building, enjoying looking at every toy. I took a lot of photos and thanks to the museum, this is allowed.

If you have not yet been there, enjoy viewing the photos.
And see which one is still your favourites.


Cool Insider said...

Hey glad that you managed to visit MINT museum of toys. I intend to visit the place this week... well on official business but it also includes a tour thrown in. Thanks for your support of International Museum Day and hope you enjoyed the museum.

Pauline said...

Hmmm, I also wanted to visit a lot of places that you had 'introduce' in your blog, like the NEwater, the pub at Sentose etc. Not easy to arrange the time, esp when I have to work on Sat morning, or study over the wkend.

But will do so slowly.