Monday, August 20, 2007

National Day Rally 2007 - City of Possibilities; Home for All

1. Introduction
2. Income Gap – leaving no one behind
3. Upgrading Education – levelling up society
4. Ageing Population – living active lives
5. Working Longer – more savings for old age
6. Improving CPF – building a nest egg
7. Upgrading & Renewal – best home for all
8. Forging Ahead – go for it together

I believe most of us watched the Rally last night, listening to the above topics that related to us, young and the elderly. There are so much that the government and ourselves need to do in order to have better life in this competitive world.

Well, at least one good news for us is the increasing of CPF 1% interest rate.

So for me, no more thinking of retire at age of 55, unless I am rich enough to survive and perhaps a bit more to go for vacation.

I am taking my part-time degree course and hope this will helps my salary increase by another 28% if 14% increase of wage for each schooling year. (Hope this apply for part-time student like me)

Another 30 over years and I will become one of the ageing population. Most likely, I will be staying alone as getting a partner is still a mystery to me. Perhaps I should save enough money to live in old folk home in future.

Well, hopefully housing rate do not increase to the highest when I hit the requirement age to buy my own house. Anyway I am working hard to save as much as I can to get my own HDB flat now.

See, I have quite a few to do for myself and sorry to say that, for my own next generation, I am not ready for that yet.

What about you?

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